Fire Occupier Statements

Advance Fire provides Occupier Statements to clients that can then be retained on site with other fire safety records, as well as, forwarded on to the Queensland Fire & Emergency Service (QFES) anually when requested.

It’s imperative that the statement confirms that the building’s fire safety equipment and systems are up to date and signed off if you’re a tenant responsible for maintaining a rented building, a building owner responsible for maintaining an occupied building, or the owner of an unoccupied building.

Several factors can contribute to occupier statements being invalid, especially when;

Access Occupier Statement through Firemate

Advance Fire’s FireMate tool easily allows for seamlessly scheduled maintenance reports including the Queensland government’s “Occupier Statement”, which can be uploaded in your clients’ accounts as an attachment for you to conveniently download digitally.

This option helps mitigate any invalidity in the occupier statements provided and the potential heavy penalties and unnecessary fines associated with that.

“Jake & Jack are very easy to get along with and nothing is an issue.”

Thanks for all your assistance through this project, it’s been a pleasure working with you and the guys on site.

Jake & Jack are very easy to get along with and nothing is an issue.


Stewart Aitken, Project Manager of Resolve Technical Solutions

Some additional FAQs about the “Occupiers statement"

If the Occupiers’ Statement doesn’t contain a signed statement declaring that all relevant fire installations are being maintained appropriately, or isn’t accompanied by a copy of any issued Critical Defect Notice, QFES won’t accept the statement!. You may submit an invoice as proof that the issue has been corrected within the prescribed timeframe on the notice.

Definitely! Occupiers’ statements form part of the building’s maintenance records and need to be filed with the Fire and Evacuation Plan either on paper or in electronic form for at least two years. Upon request by a Fire Officer, the Statement must be produced.

Building Fire Safety Management Tool and Advisory Notes by QFES contains further information about occupier statements. You can download the Guide and other useful information from the QFES Building Owners and Occupiers webpage.