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Commercial Lifts

Commercial passenger lifts have been transformed by technology, with destination control systems being installed routinely in premium commercial buildings which our technicians are experienced and proficient at installing and maintaining.

In addition to speed, we realise that appearance and ride comfort are also significant factors in maintaining and enhancing the building’s atmosphere. We therefore take a lot of pride when catering for just that.

With energy collection technology used at Advance Global Elevators, modern building infrastructure now has a comprehensive solution for even the most demanding requirements.

Machine Roomless (MRL) Elevator

Some elevators may not need a motor room above them since part of the equipment is typically located within the lift shafts. As a result, construction and installation costs are reduced, and your design is not affected by having to allocate more space.

This space-efficient design is particularly suitable for heritage buildings that do not allow for additional clearance.

Destination Controlled Elevators

The inability to locate the nearest lift in crowded commercial buildings can be frustrating for employees and visitors alike.

This is where Call Destination Control Systems can be helpful, as they display the current lift locations as well as the lift that will handle the call.

The grouping of passengers heading to the same floor in lifts will ensure the most efficient use of lift capacity and reduce thousands of lift starts/stops each year, thereby decreasing energy consumption and improving passenger experience.