Lifts & EscalatorS Modernisation

As some lifts and escalators were installed many years and decades ago, it suggests that they might be outdated and in need of upgrading.

Identifying the exact improvements and upgrades that a lift or escalator needs so that they are cost-effective and boost the efficiency and reliability of the lift remain challenging for many building managers.

When modernizing lifts, there is also the challenge of finding the time to perform upgrades since most of them are constantly on. However, to keep lifts in proper working condition despite heavy usage, one must be able to effectively upgrade them.

5 Typical Benefits of Modernizing Your Lifts and Escalators

Faster travel time between floors makes building users happier

Compliance with the latest regulations standards for safety and reliability

Reducing passenger risks with smooth operation and proper leveling accuracy

Buildings’ value increases as a result of improvements to their assets.

Reduced energy costs and greater efficiency

Our Lifts & Escalators Modernisation Solutions

Complete Lifts & Escalator


Your elevator should be replaced if it it cannot be modernised technically, functionally and aesthetically due to replacements parts and equipment availability.

Complete Lifts & Escalator


Complete modernisation includes updating the hoisting machinery, the electrification system, the elevator car, and the doors.

Partial Lifts & Escalator


Partial modernization solutions start with upgrading or replacing individual components. As a result, a structural engineer isn’t typically required, and noisy construction can be avoided.