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New Escalator & Moving walkway Installations

In commercial and other types of properties, escalators and moving walkways help optimize traffic flow in slightly different ways. Both types of systems are available with energy-saving features because they tend to use a great deal of electricity.

It is used to increase both sales and customer density in commercial environments especially in retail.
With an escalator, businesses can link floors and direct heavy traffic through specific areas within the building. With incline-moving walkways, sites can create multi-floor connections in the same way.

Horizontal moving walkways allow crowds to move quickly across horizontally related areas such as train stations and airports to get around more quickly.

We offer a full range of solutions that combine eco-efficiency, flexible design, and a high level of safety.

Efficient use of energy

The total operating time and the number of passengers affect energy consumption. Saving energy can be achieved by installing energy-efficient lighting and motors as well as matching motor size to load.

Motor-efficiency controllers , which enhance efficiency when part-loading occurs, and regenerative braking, which effectively turns the motor into a generator when transporting people downwards are also used to save energy.

With an on-demand sensor system, escalators or moving walkways can turn to standby mode if people are not using them. As an alternative, you could set the escalator or moving walkway to automatically operate in a crawling mode whenever nobody is using them.

Property Applications

Your property may benefit more from escalators or moving walkways.

Airports moving walkways are popular due to their flat, stair-free design, which makes moving luggage carts easier. The same holds true for train stations.

Shopping centres might not need flat moving walkways, but inclined moving walks for trolleys can be essential.

Escalators are usually used to move guests in denser spaces, such as hotels. Similar spaces include movie theatres, libraries, and museums.

Trade centres are usually larger sites with a high level of traffic, and specialized equipment must be transported. These large distances will be covered by incline walkways, flat walkways, and escalators.

From design to installation, we support
every step of your project.

From design to installation,
we support every step of
your project.

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