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Portable Fire Services

The term “portable fire systems” refers to equipment that can be moved to the fire site, and is primarily used by the onsite personnel as “first response” equipment. They are easily accessible and maneuverable and required in all buildings as a fire safety precaution.

They typically refer to the following equipment:

Fire blankets

Fire blankets are highly flame-resistant materials that can be used to extinguish small fires or to wrap around a person who is burning. A fire blanket has two layers of intricately woven glass fibre fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film.

A fire blanket smothers a fire by cutting off oxygen (which a fire needs). By acting as a heat barrier, these can prevent clothing from catching fire. Food preparation areas typically use fire blankets to contain fires of classes B (flammable liquids), F (cooking fats and oils), and A (carbonaceous substances). A new fire blanket must be ordered once the first one is used

Portable fire Extinguishers

Generally, portable fire extinguishers are used in the initial stages of a fire and shouldn’t be used if the fire grows beyond the capacity of the extinguisher. Labels and colors identify portable fire extinguishers.

Many people incorrectly believe that fire extinguishers of equal mass (Kg) or volume (Litres) have the same rating.

The Australian Building Code determines the suitability of fire extinguishers and their rating must be clearly displayed.