The Flooding Risk Hiding in Your Elevator Pits

Can Your Lift Pits Handle Another Big Wet Season In SE Queensland?

Australia’s eastern half is expected to receive above-median rainfall from October to December this year, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The combination of La Nina in the tropical pacific ocean and a negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event is most likely to result in higher rainfall in eastern Australia during this spring and summer.

Preparing elevator pits ahead of time could save you time and money, avoid elevator closures, and keep everyone safe during this expected rainy season.

When the water table rises after heavy or prolonged rain events, lift pits are susceptible to groundwater leaks. Wet days, rising water tables, saturated soils, and hydrostatic pressure make lift pits especially vulnerable.

Elevator pits flooding causes safety hazards such as elevator shut downs, rust growth, mosquito breeding, mold and mildew.

Moreover, your elevator’s shaft accumulates dust and debris with regular use, and water getting in can cause electrical problems. Both lift pit and shaft are susceptible to electrical hazards since they contain control boxes and elevator wires.

In addition to potentially costly lift repairs, electrical or mechanical failures may cause abrupt stops, which can injure passengers.

Lift pit water infiltration problems is typically caused by the following factors:

  • Waterproofing system incorrectly installed or damaged.
  • There was never any waterproofing system installed on the pit.
  • Water enters through floor/wall joints.
  • Defects and cracks in walls and floors caused by movement over time.
  • Components of construction that have degraded.
  • Changes in the water table level.

It’s worth mentioning that especially on the Gold Coast, water infiltration can occur in lift pits that were once dry due to adjacent construction altering the water table.

Elevator Pit Preparation: What do you need to know?

As one of the lowest points of a building, the elevator pit or lift pit is vulnerable to water intrusion. Here are some fantastic solutions offered at Advance Global Elevators;

1. Elevator pit pumps services

Sump pumps protect elevator pits by removing water, preventing safety hazards, and keeping the pit moisture-free.

Prior to severe weather approaching, inspection and maintenance of your sump pump system should be mandatory.

Are you without a sump pump? Fortunately, Advance Global Elevators offers exceptional sump pump services:

  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Replacement

2. Elevator pit waterproofing

It’s a great preventative step to waterproof your building’s lift pits before bad weather hits. You can be assured that your lift riders will be safer with this proactive measure, which will lower rust and mold development, on top of our 5-year warranty.

Hotels, commercial buildings, factories, multi-level apartment buildings, schools, aged care facilities, hospitals, and hotels have lift pits where leak sealing injection and waterproofing systems should be installed.

3. Rust repairs and rust proofing of lift pit equipment

Especially on the Gold coast, this combination of proximity to the ocean and dampness in your lift pits is a perfect storm for corrosive damage to your lift’s equipment.

[Before & After images of one of rust repair lift pit projects]

4. Automated parking of lift on top floor and pit alarm water detectors.

The pit alarm is a device fitted to the bottom of the lift shaft that uses either a float or a probe to detect water. When activated it sends a signal to the lift controller to park the lift on the top floor until it is reset, this keeps the lift car from going under water as well as protecting the important electronics and mechanics.

All these above-mentioned services can be provided to any client, regardless of whether they have a contract with another service provider together with those following added benefits;

  • Savings for you since we handle the lift isolations ourselves.
  • Work is performed by certified lift specialists, ensuring quality.
  • With a single provider, the project is completed faster.

Please contact us for any enquiries about flood mitigation or repairs to your elevator pits in your building. 

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