Lifts & Escalators Maintenance

Elevators are enormous investments that add substantial value to a building. This is specifically dependent on how well the elevator is serviced.

Wear and tear can cause lifts and escalators to malfunction. Typically, this is caused by continually using them, but users should also keep in mind that they just break down from time to time.

Elevators that are well maintained reduce risk for their owners, especially in terms of operating costs, regulations compliance, and injury to their users.

To keep your lift users happy and your building running efficiently and effectively, selecting the right elevator maintenance strategy is important. Maintenance companies typically need to service the elevator more frequently as the equipment gets older.

Due to the complexity of both lifts and escalators, there are specific things that are overlooked when deciding maintenance. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to an extended contract with an unreliable service provider.

Lifts have several main parts that can require
maintenance or cannot be repaired

Lifts have several main parts
that can require maintenance or
cannot be repaired

Machine Room


In older non- MRL systems, machine rooms contain hoisting machines, power supplies, and controls which typically need regular servicing and maintenance as part of a mechanical system.



There should be more frequent replacements of non-flammable floor coverings in elevator cars due to heavy foot traffic. Doors and their operation panels also require frequent maintenance.



Lift shafts contain guide rails, corridor doors, hangers, mechanisms, switches, and spaces for cables that all need to be maintained and lubricated regularly.