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“Advance went out of their way to assist us straightaway, visiting another building with me to see their design which we liked, then tailoring it to our budget. Thus, our finished lifts have an amazing appearance and functionality.”

Paula Lipton, Secretary of Body Corp Huntington Apartments.


Huntington Apartments


High Rise Residential – Southport


Huntington Apartments approached Advance Global Elevators about replacing two lifts in this 16-story mixed-use building. As the building was built in the 1980s, the lift was very dated. It had ongoing problems with breaking down, and the Body Corp was spending too much money on service fees. It was difficult to source replacement parts because of its age – again, costing the Body Corp time and money.


A decision was made to replace these elevators in the building with Advance Global Elevators. Two new MRL Elevators were installed in place of the old lifts. It wasn’t just important to deliver reliable lifts, but also to find equipment, doors, and interior materials that would blend in with the decor of the building. Advance kept the client informed of the project’s progress through verbal and written communication.


Advance Global Elevators services were delivered at a competitive price, by industry professionals, and as a result, Huntington Apartments now hasn’t just got new lifts, but also a lot of great investments in their building for the future. As a result, they can now depend on reliable lifts with ongoing services and a close relationship with Advance Global Elevators.